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  • Carlson SurvPC 6 works fine with Ublox F9P. You need Windows 7 or higher on a rugged tablet. You can request a demo to check it before purchase.

  • I think I did some wrong. I clocked the RTC three days ago, I did´nt plug lipo battery only the 1mAhr back up battery and the time is reset to zero again. "Current date/time: 01/01/2000 00:00:00.00"

    Any idea?

  • Good product. I propose for a future version:

    1 Downsize. For surveying a specific software on a tablet is necessary on the pole too. Some antennas has a socket for a custom receiver. There is pro software that works well with Ublox.

    2 Add an IMU, because the specific software calculates the inclination of the pole and it will be able to do GNSS / IMU integration in tree areas to calculate the non-fixed position.

  • 220V ? tic...tac...tic...tac...tic...tac...tic...tac...tic...tac...zzz...zzzz

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