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  • Never mind… I found a short in my wiring.

  • Hey guys, I am using two of these in parallel to with an Arduino pro mini (5v) to drive the Tamiya Twin Motor Gearbox. My battery is a 9v, so I need to limit my voltage supply to 3v for the motors. When I set my PWM output to 80 (about 1/3 of 255), I measure around 7 volts on my multimeter (no motor connected). My question is: why isn’t the voltage around 3v when PWM is at 80? In other words, does the PWM from the Arduino linearly control the output to the motor? Do I read 7v on the multimeter because there is no load on the chip? I connected a resistor between the outputs and the readings were around 2.5v. I’ve used this chip before without issues, but I’m not sure what’s going on here. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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