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  • -CHAINSAW! -Exo Suit: Use the turbine to run a hydraulic pump to make a "power pack". -Scale model of an M1A2 Abrams tank with air powered t-shirt gun in the turret. -CHAINSAW! -CHAINSAW!

  • Someone beat me too it... I came up with stickers that have simple circuits or a single component (momentary switches, LEDs, battery holders, op amps, etc.) that you can stick and stack to anything. Connections are made by laying a sticker so the solder points overlap another sticker's points. You could put navigation lights on a paper airplane or stick head lights to a Tonka truck; make a postcard that holds the stickers, peel them off, fold it into a mini ghetto blaster and and stick the speakers and components to it to make it work. Stick a keyboard to a coffee table or on a book. Stick a touch sensor to a chair bottom and make stealthy whoopee cushion. "Booby-trap" a book, a kitchen cabinet or a laptop with a magnetic switch that sets off and alarm or lights...

    Or, to modify the idea slightly, make them refrigerator/car magnets.

  • Can we get some dimensions for the servos, please?

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