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  • Will this Molex Jumber 2 Wire assembly fit with an rj-45 on this board? PRT-09918 https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9918

  • I bought one of these to monitor soil temperature in my garden and so far it has held up. I used heatshrink to build a cheaper (read: handy man special) version of DS18B20. It has faired well being submerged in moist-to-wet soil however over the past 14 days there have been 3 small, one-off, events where the temperature reading ended up being -196.6 F.

    Readings are taken every 15min. and I have not yet confirmed if it might be a timing calibration issue or if my heat shrinking capabilities are sub-par (I'm going to bet the latter).

    I'll be buying up to DS18B20 for next growing season but can certainly find a few other uses for this type of sensor; namely indoor gardening. Great product when used within reason.

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