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  • Doesn't work for me.. I've even tried 1 second and it won't work. Any ideas?

    Relevant code: int interval=10, delayer=1000, timer; [...] if (millis() > timer + interval) { // reset digitalWrite(SWITCH_PIN, LOW); delay(delayer); timer = millis(); digitalWrite(SWITCH_PIN, HIGH); } where SWITCH_PIN goes to the VDD leg. I bring one side of the magnet close, it goes to 1, I pull it away and wait, it usually doesn't drop to 0. Code is naïve on purpose.

  • Do you have to blow on it or does it also provide decent reading in plain air? How far does the sensor need to be to get any level of reading if the person isn't blowing on it?

    I can't fully protect my circuit from humidity and the chip needs to be close to everything else so the blowing would mess the circuit up. Plus, I don't need a high resolution output, just to differ between "Didn't drink anything / had a little to drink / smashed".

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