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  • Yes, I concur with this. I had to do a lot of Google searching to get a good grasp of what OTG meant since it's so hard to just go to a store and buy one off the shelf.

  • What would be the best header pins or connectors to buy for the ProtoSnap after they have been snapped apart?

  • Loving these ProtoSnap boards! It's making teaching Arduino programming so much easier.

    For anyone interested, I'm slowly updating relevant Arduino sample code (from File>Examples) to better match the pins of this dev board to make it even easier to get up and started.

    For example, the push button example doesn't work out of the box because the button is actually on an analog pin and it needs the pull-up resistor enabled on that pin. (Member #241429: that's why the button gets triggered when the board flexes!)

    Code will be maintained on github for downloading as a zip file or for forking to your own github repo, here: