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  • For what it’s worth, given that it’s some weeks later, I’ve just got a Fio v3, RN-XV and use a Mac, and after some struggles got it all working in Arduino 1.01 - maybe this will help someone at least. To get the Fio working I dropped the addon/driver bundle into my documents/Arduino/hardware folder, had to edit boards.txt to uncomment some lines to enable ‘diskloader’ bootloader as that’s what mine had come with. This let me choose Fio v3 (Diskloader) as well as Fio v3 (Leonardo) in the boards menu. I downloaded the WiFlyHQ library and dropped that into my documents/Arduino/libraries folder. The secret sauce for getting the WiFlyHQ code samples working was discovering that Leonardo-like hardware connects Serial to the USB-CDC, not to TX/RX, for which it uses Serial1 instead - so it’s Serial1 you need to talk to the Xbee/WiFly socket. So edit the WiFlyHQ code samples to do Serial.begin(9600); Serial1.begin(9600); wifly.begin(&Serial1, &Serial); (as well as putting in your own SSID and WPA passphrase) and it all started working.

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