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  • I missed it and now kicking myself. Now I gotta get a second job to buy that WiFly module.

  • Ok I got one for Christmas. It is a good unit. question on the connectors for the motor current, are they the JST 3 pin type that will mate up with your sku: PRT-09750 JST Right Angle Connector - Through-Hole 3-Pin ?

  • I just copied the letter and web sites describing this BS on CNN ireport! Hope Apple doesn't sue CNN iReport before I get it posted to bring a larger audience to bear on these assholes.

  • OMG, Greed and Arrogance has hit an all time low. For freakin Cryin out loud. This makes me so pissed I can't even see straight.
    All I can say is I am with you sparkfun. Start a fund for your lawyer fees I will contribute. This is coming from a guy who almost for the 5th F**in time almost got laid off by a major computer/printer comapany so my job could be done by a cheap engineer in a 3rd world company. And my wife is a real estate agent and I have a fancy house and well you do the math as to how much money I have to spread around, but I will help you fight this stink!!!
    Where do they get off. Man I am mad about this.

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