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  • There seems to be a minor error in the ST7066 datasheet. On page 8, the 'Function Set' command shows that DB3 indicates the number of lines (should be set to 1 for this display) and DB2 indicates the font size (should be set to 0 for this display). This is correct and matches the HD44780 spec.

    However, there is a problem on page 20 in the 4-bit interface example. In the 'Function Set' step, the document is showing these as the second nibble of DB5 and DB4, which correspond to DB1 and DB0 in 8-bit mode. This is wrong. It should be the second nibble of DB7 and DB6, i.e. '0 0 N F 0 0' rather than '0 0 0 0 N F'.

    They get it right in the 8-bit interface example on page 19.

    Can someone confirm that I am reading this correctly?

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