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  • OK, but in the schematic is the voltage maximum 5.5V. http://dlnmh9ip6v2uc.cloudfront.net/datasheets/Wireless/General/Si470x-breakout-v13.pdf

    The voltage from my regulator is 5.06V and the voltage from the arduino is 4.92V. Thats almost the same. I cant see why the fm tuner would break at that voltage because it worked fine with the power supply from the arduino..

  • Hello,

    A few months back I ordered this FM tuner. While programming and testing my circuit with arduino controller I used the power supply from my arduino uno. I didn't use the arduino itself, I placed the programmed microcontroller from arduino in my own circuit. Finally everything worked and I connected everything to another power supply, a 7805 voltage regulator. I checked the voltage and it was 5V, a bit higher than te voltage from my arduino. But the FM tuner should work on 5V as well (5,5V maximum). The only thing that has changed was the power supply, from arduino to a 7805 regulator. When I turned everything on, the fm tuner breaks. The ground and the VCC are shorted.

    Pas week I oredered a new fm tuner to finaly finish what I started. I double checked the whole circuit and I couldn't find any faults. The same thing happend again, as soon as I turned the powersupply on the fm tuner breaks.

    Any suggestions??

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