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  • Everyone wants to mention how FTDI did this bad thing and these commentators mention how it could "put them out of business". FTDI is a business too and they are protecting their intellectual property. And lets be frank, most people that have a knock off already had a pretty good idea it wasn't genuine. If its me and my $4 Ebay part bricks--I throw it in the trash. Sounds like Linux users were safe all along and FTDI has now pulled the new drivers. I found this article very interesting, but the comments a bit short sided. That's OK though--everyone can have an opinion.

  • This is an interesting article with facts to support it. Well done. I really like ordering things from Spark Fun because I really like to support companies that do what you guys do.As many others have stated the tutorials and discussions are fantastic and that's not going to happen on these big electronics sites. Have you guys thought of doing something similar on Newark Electronics? Many times if I need something fast, I go with them since I am East Coast and they ship from SC, I get my stuff in about 2 days. I think they stock a lot of items. Keep up the great work here. Although I do deal with a few sites when it comes to my electronics, Spark Fun is definitely the most, well, fun and the site stays fresh with new stories everyday, etc.

  • I think its great you did this study, but I bet there are ways you could reduce your carbon footprint right in your own back yard. How much energy does SparkFun consume each month to run all their assembly equipment as well as their offices? Maybe you could invest money in alternative energy sources like solar and wind to help offset the power consumption at the office and assembly areas? I think it would be a lot easier to measure since most of the variables are known.

  • As a marathoner and a geek, there are a lot of interesting things I could do with this device. Just seeing how much energy is generated when running a marathon and record it would be cool. It would be especially interesting when muscles fatigue and theoretically generate less energy at the end of a race.

  • I remember reading about a similar project a while back. Seems like fun.


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