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  • Cool work.

    You could just use an accelerometer and move it with your tounge, no spit required. XY and bump z for click or if head movement is OK, XY by turning the head and a twitch or bump (depends on where it was mounted, mouth, head, ear, etc.) If it was just an earpiece, maybe a probe (or a few) on the outside of the cheek for a tounge bump of a mechanical switch. Bonus, a good time to add audio and a microphone if you have stuff hanging on the ear anyway.

    I've made accessible controls before. :)

    If you want to stick with the straw, a simple trap jar inline, or a diaphram.

  • Anyone hack this up with to use I2S yet?

    Wondering about the feasibility of the I2S interface with Clock, Data and LROUT to pipe high speed serial into a line driver for DMX512 embedded on one channel(ignoring the alternate LROUT state), and audio via the traditional analog out on the other channel. Thus, a stand alone intergrated audio and DMX512 device for animatronics with everything canned on the SDCARD in sequences.

    Havn't quite worked out how to properly inject the data and not sure how the chip would react to misc. data on one channel (I could be forced to use an off board DAC and maybe clock in zeros on the data channel) but dual channel mode (vs stereo) may be more forgiving.

    I figured I'd pose the question before reinventing the wheel.

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