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  • I’ve been messing around with this screen all day. It’s finicky, but now that I got the hang of it I think it’s pretty good. So I figure I would post my noobish comment.

    First and foremost just because the JST connector on the screen says RX does not mean that’s the pin it suppose to be hooked too. I don’t know if that was obvious to everyone else or not. Anyways I used pin 13 and I have an Arduino uno r3.

    Second, Kamiquasi(the guy that posted above me) linked the page below. Get the code on the first page, then click on serLCD() under functions and copy that code too. That will get you running.

    lastly the datasheet listed for this lcd screen is quite useless. It lists all the commands, but is confusing. Even if you cannot get the code above working use it as a manual. It shows ever command and how to write it to the screen using hex.

    I have been programming for years in various languages and I have to say the Aruduino is very nice environment. It doesn’t get as angry as PIC’s do. Next to labview it’s one the only environment that has errors that are in English and actual help solve the problem. The Sparkfun community is awesome. I do know how many questions I have had that have been answered by these comments so I figured I would post my findings.

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