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  • Hello,

    I am running this chip on ARM SAM7 processor. But I am having problems with it. I also have other I2C sensors from sparkfun like BMA180, BMP085, TMP102 and they all run perfectly well, under my written software in I2C mode, except the MAG3110 which is driving me crazy…I checked all the addresses and everything in my software many times and everything is correct, but strange thing are happening. Once i write something to control registers 1 or 2 everytime I write something the chip factory ID changes. By default it is set to 0xC4, but depending on the values I write to control registers, like 0x01 to reg1 and 0x80 to reg to (like in datasheet example) I receive chip ID sometimes 0xFB, sometimes 0xEE, or 0xED…this is bullshit…I am not talking about mag values on XYZ axes which is total nonsense…Any Idea why this is happening to me? To be clear I connected only single chip to I2C, no other slaves. I have a hunch that the chip itself is faulty…if anyone have any other explanation please share your thoughts.

    Best regards, Mantas

  • Yes SDA stands for serial DATA and SCL stands for serial CLOCK. You can hook up as many as you want considering that they have different addresses. Please read the datasheet before asking these questions. Everything is explained in detail there.

    Best regards, Mantas

  • One suggestion to Sparkfun is to make BOB with jumpers on headers, so the end user could decide whether he need a pull-up resistor or not for I2C bus, this way you will keep all customers happy!

    Best regards, Mantas

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