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  • Can you comment on the sensitivities on each of the load cells? (e.g. the 10Kg one can detect the difference of X grams, etc)?

  • We just installed a 8.5kw array via Astrum solar as part of our stats/town solar initiative (something like 200 homes in our town did it). We also faced the giant pile of money sitting on our roof via waiting for town inspection/state approval and NSTAR signoff to get the monitoring meter. Was over 2 months, which they didn’t understand why I felt my money was being lost. Now that it’s up, the only complication is it makes the roof quite slick, so large snow sheets come down when the panels warm up, we are investigating how to protect people on our front walk (20' drop)

  • Pete, are the femtos wired in parallel around the kitchen?You have many strips, so I assume each one is parallel of each other? And secondly, I assume the strip is brighter if you have fewer LEDs since 350mw/n?

  • It is also not just EM radiation, but thermal shock as well, in the sun (at least close in) it is REALLY hot and in the shade of a planet it is REALLY cold, which produces enormous thermal stresses on components. Per wikipedia the martian surface varies from a polar low temp of -153C to a daytime high of 35C (-243F - 95F). That’s at least with some atmosphere around and the thermal mass of a planet, deep space is harsher…

  • I was wondering about adding solar power to this. Is it possible to use the solar buddy and a panel to keep this charged while working. One could imagine that this would allow you to run indefinitely via solar power indoors or outdoors in the sun. Any thoughts?

  • Can you extend the track? i.e. if I had several 24" channel pieces, can the joining plates (and a much longer belt) can you make this longer?

  • Echoing the sentiments of everyone that your openness is fantastic, and keeps our loyalty. We all make mistakes, but you guys have always just made it right, and that earns lifelong loyalty from customers like me. I’ll buy more not less because of this!

    Also, I hope you continue to describe what you guys are doing to correct the systems of manufacturing, as this whole episode is actually quite a teaching moment to all us makers. I am hoping some of the things I am making might someday need “mid-volume” production, so learning what “the pros” do to solve potential problems in the real-world is always better than some theory. You guys are always out there teaching us stuff, so just regard this as one more thing to teach!

  • They don’t have to be a kit like you make a sku with a boxed product. Just make a list on the website for a given item, with either a click that puts it all in our basket (awesome) or links to each component. One kit I want is a channel based camera slider with stepper control.

  • Yikes. God no. Sparkfun is what RS was in the 60’s, before they became a listless strange cell phone accessory store with a few other cheap audio components. Sticking some arduinos on the shelf, does not make them spark fun! They could buy the mantle of RS…

  • I am happy to pay reasonable shipping costs, and understand that while shipping an arduino shield, or some small part is cheap, big motors aren’t. So, feel free to return us to paid shipping, BUT make it reasonable (i.e. shipping should not double+ the cost of items). I’d rather you used the $250k to keep bringing us awesomely cool things, collaborating with folks like adafruit, etc. That being said if you really feel the need, make the shipping a reduced rate on big orders (or not grow linearly with the cost of the order, etc)

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