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  • I'm having trouble getting this to work with an Arduino. I have hooked it up to A4 and A5, and I have it on the 3.3V power supply with the reference pin tied to ground. When I use the Bildr code to try to test it, I'm only ever reading values of 0 from the device. that is, I will get a temperature reading of about 0.0625 degrees celcius no matter what. This is my first time using I2C, so I might have made some stupid mistake, or I could have a bad chip, who knows. Any help anyone can give would be awesome. Thanks!

  • I think you might not have a high enough resolution in your voltage measurement. I just ordered this sensor, so I haven't been able to test it myself, but strain gauges generally give very small voltage changes. You will need to hook up your Vout to an amplifier circuit to read anything in the volt range, and this is definitely the way you want to go if you are using something like an arduino. Your force is probably causing a mV level change on the red line that your multimeter cannot measure.

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