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  • Initially I could not get the control register to set using the example sketch. After a lot of troubleshooting I found the problem was that in the example code the CS pin is never set HIGH before going LOW for the initialization transmission. In that case the RTC doesn't see the falling edge and doesn't listen to the command.

    It seems to me that the example sketch has a confusing initialization state. It is set to transmit 0x60, which looks like it sets the oscillator enabled, BBSQW to logic 1 (SQW on when in battery mode) and the temp conv to logic 1 (forcing one immediate user-initiated temp conversion). I don't know if that was the intended setting based on the code's comments and the data sheet.

    I set my control register to 0x00 which sets: oscillator enabled, a 1 Hz square wave (when normally powered, and SQW off in battery mode) and alarms off. If a square wave is not desired, then the control register could be left in the default condition with no ill effects.

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