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  • They might not be diodes, they just looked that way, there just above the Dline/UART switch, there is two of them with a small 5 pin IC between them

  • Anyone know what the diodes do on the board by the the wee switch, are they just there in case the board is incorrectly connected, what would be the implications of removing one of them?

    Also, does the board only use PINS 0,1/2,3 and 5V and a ground or will there be other pins connected aswell? Also any idea which ground so I could measure total power draw of the board and xbee?

  • Two questions, first is response time, does anyone else find it's very slow to respond to temp changes, for example moving it from my bedroom to my fridge, it takes over half and hour to settle down to the fridges temperature.

    Second is my formula right for using this with an xbee? 1.2v read range in 10bit on the ADC gives me 1.2/1023*(The ADC Reading) to get a voltage. Then that Voltage -0.5 *100 to get a reading in C?

    I'm finding it's over stating the temp by nearly 10 degrees, the voltage calculation seems correct to what I read off it with a multimeter, so maybe my voltage to temp calculation is wrong?

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