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  • Hello, I have tried to find documentation on how to use the CTS and RTS pins currectly. But there are no examples what-so-ever about it. I am interested in using this module in just setting out HIGH or LOW (via the RX, TX, CTS, or RTS pins). I understand that they are Active Low - but how do I set them to be HIGH or LOW? * Does the voltage level depeds on the input power? *


  • Hello once again, I am using the MSP430 Launch Pad connected via USB to a laptop and a this bluetooth module connected to it. I am using TeraTerm to read the data coming from the USB (it sends HI and LO). and also I am using CoolTerm to read the bluetooth data. The isssue is that the bluetooth shows me “……” over and and over, while the usb shows the right thing.

    Any idea what I am doing wrong?

    any leads will be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Thank you. First step pass very well. Your explanation is detailed :-)

    For my application, we will be using it to communicate to a smartphone. Do you know what program is ‘best’ for testing,debugging, scripting, etc? You listed Hyperterm and Teraterm. What would you recommend to use?


  • hello, can someone please provide me a step-by-step for dummies manual to how to make this module talk to a PC for testing?

    Thank you


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