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  • Product RTL-11022 | about 2 years ago

    I concur with all that rperkins wrote, esp about the motor and the spindly leads on the resistors and the diodes.

    I checked the website for the transistor datasheet and found that the pinout is not the same as the actual pinout of the delivered transistor: emitter and collector are reversed. Had to use 1K resistors, and even then the motor would barely spin. Added an external bench power supply, then the motor would go reliably.

    I have a class of 15 students – you can imagine that I was busy troubleshooting their circuits, despite having got mine to work before class. Apparently some of the kits contained different transistors, which worked differently (pinout). Finally we gave up on the little transistors that came with the kit and I broke out the TIP 120’s, which worked really well. These would be a much smarter choice for the kit.

    Finally, somebody should have tested all these circuits before the kit went onto the website. I’m a fan of SparkFun, but today’s troubleshooting was NoFun.

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