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  • Product ROB-09457 | about 2 years ago

    Hi, i’m a little new at all this, i’ve ordered a few items, including this motot driver,and a bluetooth board, i’ve been tinkering around with my new arduino uno, and i want to build a bluetooth controlled rc car, i have the rc car, and have checked out the motors, they are both unmarked and have a few ceramic capacitors soldered between the terminals, so my questions are as follows: 1. The car ran off a 9.6v battery pack, is it safe to assume i could power it with this motor driver and 9v? 2. Would i need (a) diode(s) for back emf? And if yes to #2 3. Would a 1n4007 do the job? 4. And where in the circuit would it (they) belong?

    Thanks and sorry if these are noobish questions.

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