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  • Other than the generic submicro servo in the recommended products section, what type of servo would match with this? I'm wanting something a little higher quality than that generic one, and I've tried a few Hitec servos but the spline on those didn't fit. Would it be Futaba, or something different?

  • What's the resistor and overall wattage rating for this kit?

  • So there's a slight design flaw with the mounting hub pattern of this thing. With the kit assembled and servo installed, this thing won't line up hole patterns with other actobotics stuff (at least I've tried with this: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/12175 ). The servo or the arms are in the way. Not sure what the designers intended here, but the best work around I can think of is either some kind of spacer or to cut a bit off the bracket you're attaching the gripper to.

  • You don't have cats do you?

  • Just a note about jump starting a car with LiPos, since I've had the idea, and my dad is a seasoned mechanic: Car battery's have a thing called cold cranking amps, which basically means the amount of amps they can supply in short bursts. This is basically the amount of amps needed for the starter to turn the engine over and start the car. My dad's truck, Chevy Silverado, needs about 75 cold cranking amps to turn over. So unless you've got a LiPo that'll supply something like that in one short burst, then that's not going to happen.

  • So since these LEDs have an IC inside them, do I need to add a .1uf capacitor next to each one, or is there already one built in?

  • While it may not be ideal, a small hand file would solve this problem. And I mean file the case down a bit, don't file the adapter, that's really not ideal lol.

  • I found a data sheet for this thing if anyone's interested!


  • Any chance I can get the measurements for this?

  • Your device plugs into output port 1 on battery pack A, then battery pack A connects from it's USB mini charging port to output port 1 on battery pack B, then battery pack B's mini charging port connects to another power source, etc. Basically you're charging one battery pack from another so that by using two packs you double the storage capacity (minus the current the battery pack's internal circuitry uses).