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  • Hey, I made one of these with a lot of mistakes and trial and error. It turned out kinda bad, but I'm working on another one and it's coming out MUCH better. Here's the finished piece. [example][http://www.josephclagg.com/projects/neonsign.jpg]

    Here's some stuff I learned.] 1. I wasn't very good at blowing air into the tube to keep it from collapsing. I tried several things and filling the tube with table salt worked best. There happens to be a chemistry lab where I work, so I found to tiny rubber stoppers to keep it in. You can blow it out later with compressed air. Just don't get it wet, it will turn into a rock. 2. I found that I didn't have the patience to hold the softened plastic long enough to keep the shape and also would sometimes reheat bends while trying to heat another part. I have access to a laser cutter, so I made a cardboard jib which you can see in the photo for another piece that says "lounge". This makes it way easier to get a perfect shape. You could use an x-acto knife in lieu of a laser. 3. As for putting the wire in first or last and how to pull it through. I tried putting it in first and also the vacuum and compressed air settings. The vacuum method worked ok, but tight bends were out of the question. What I ended up doing was using a Dremel to cut out slots in the back of the tube near tight bends that way you can force it through a little at a time. You can't see the cuts at all from the front and it makes it easy to get all the salt out. 4. I wasn't satisfied with the level of diffusion the acetone gave me. I'm still experimenting.

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