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  • I spent many hours looking before and could never find rubber nubs for these kind of switches.
    If nobody else knows where to get these it would be pretty cool if Sparkfun had a batch made.

  • I like it! If I wasn't so busy and so far away I'd enter for sure. Maybe if I come up with a good enough idea I'll enter and fly out of a fantastic fall weekend in Colorado for some robots and hiking. Suppose I should check if it's hiking or snowboarding season in the middle of October...
    My initial idea is a stair climbing robot that climbs stairs by cutting them down to his level. Destruction by cutting that support beam that just shouldn't be cut...

  • Does anyone have recommendations for a current limiting power supply for your 1 Watt leds? I have a project that might require a lot of them and these current limiting power supplies get expensive. Sparkfun has this which seems nice, but for me I'd rather have something that drives a bunch at once.
    Also unique to my project I only need to flash the LEDs for a short duration (1/1000th of a second at most). I want them to be a bright as possible so I'm wondering if I could save money on powersupplies by just driving them with a 5V power supply and no current limiting. This would also make them brigheter which is very good for my use. It is fine if they burn out after a few tens of thousands of 1/1000th second bursts, but they'd need to last more than a few hundred uses. I know I could just test it, but it would be nice to hear from someone more knowledgeable if they think this would work or not.

  • I did some research into this and I'm pretty sure if you sell the PCBs you need to buy Eagle. Luckily they have a commercial version that is functionally equivalent to the free version and it only costs $50. If you email them they'll even sell you a downloadable version to save on shipping. I never even downloaded it, but I have a license if I'm ever questioned about it.
    Also I think it's nice to support Eagle since I use their software.

  • Since sparkfun has tested both this product and the USB Logic Analyzer in the related link, I'm wondering if you have a feeling which one of these works much better as a logic analyzer. I imagine it all comes down to software.
    While having a scope and analyzer like this would be nice, I'm probably going to mostly use it as an analyzer and would like to know how these compare in that area.

  • Where I work we have a T3 line (45 Mbps) for 60 engineers. Admittedly we use tremendous amount of bandwidth passing 10 GB data sets across the country.
    It seems to me like there are legitimate work uses for youtube and podcasts at a company like sparkfun. Even if there wasn't I wouldn't want to work at a place that blocks audio/video steaming. Bandwidth is a cheap way of making your employees happy. I'm surprised so many people questioned Sparkfun's bandwidth usage. I'd much rather have smart productive employees who listen to music while they work than disgruntled employees who go home after 8 hours because they someone took away their streaming music.

  • Calif beat me to it. I completely agree with him. I think a lot of people would love to see a gyro and accelerometer guide similar to your recent GPS guide. It would also be convenient if you mentioned your IMU devices and what they use.
    My next project will require something like this and I'm not sure which of your products fits my needs best. The datasheets help some, but an article from people with real hands on experience using many of these products would be invaluable.

  • Does anyone have an estimate on the cost to do a high altitude balloon project? In the linked article I couldn't find an contact email. It looks like the electronics are pretty cheap (under $200). I have no idea about how much the balloon costs or if there are permits needed.

  • So that means when the economy is better it will be on a Saturday? Anyways for me day of the week isn't as important as the season. Ideal for me would be to have this in the later in spring or the fall season so if I came out there for a week I could enjoy the Colorado landscape at it's best.
    Whenever the next one happens, I'm going to have a serious think about competing. It's a significant trip from my home base of Massachusetts, but if I can bundle it into a vacation I might convince the lady to make a holiday out of it.
    I look forward to seeing the results later today!

  • Well said Sparkfun!
    My day job is at a big company that I've been told makes more money from it's IP and patent portfolio than any other company in the world. They don't file the most patents, but their patents are generally of high quality. They invest $100's of millions in R&D in certain core areas and without the patents there is no way companies would pay the billions in licensing fees they do today. These are patents that required huge capitial expenditures to develop and I believe they should be protected.
    That said, I completely agree that the patent system is abused these days and love what sparkfun does here. I myself follow a similar model on my hobby projects. One example is an electric spinning wheel I developed and sell. Everyone who buys one sees a link to a webpage telling them where to buy the parts and how to build it. Some people buy the pre-built products out of convenience and others because they don't have the knowledge/tools to make it. In this ever increasingly complex world, I see this open source mentality only becoming more popular.

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