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  • a1zon - never mind. I see them, they are little white pots next to each channel's led.

  • alronzo - I don't see any trim pots on the QuadStepper driver board. Could tell me where you see them?

  • I smoked my QuadStepper motor driver board today. Though only one of four chips overheated, the entire board is now not functioning. I have only reciently made a few short test runs of my new 3axis CNC machine (it was working pretty well and I was writing "LinuxCNC" with it). I was turning the power supply for the motors off between short tests. During the last test runs, I heard some noise from one of the steppers and one of the chips started smoking. I turned off the motor power supply but it was too late to save the board. I knew the driver chips were getting hot, so I had fashioned heat sinks from aluminm angle and use some CPU heat sink grease that I already had. Apparently this wasn't efficent enough at removing the extra heat. I expect set backs like this when a building equipment, so I'll order another QuadStepper and try to correct some of the heat related issues with the following:

    1. Adding heat sinks sold here for these driver chips and I'll use heat sink tape sold here to attach them.
    2. I'm mounting a small fan to cool the driver board.
    3. Limit current to the motors.

    Question: The driver chip datasheet indicates that you can limit current with the reference voltage. Does anyone know how to adjust the motor current limit on the QuadStepper Driver Board?

    Question: Is there a manual for operating/wiring this board that I missed somewhere?

    About my CNC - Nema 17 ROB-10846 stepper motors for all axis. 36V 9amp switching powersupply found on IOffer (adjusted down to 31.5v) C10 - Bidirectional Breakout Board LinuxCNC to run the GCode

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