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  • IMPORTANT: Arduino Users:
    To use this board along with the FTDI IC (F232RL) as an 'Arduino', you must connect 'DTR' (Pin 2) on the F232RL to a 0.1uf nonpolarized capacitor that then connects to the RESET line (Pin 1 on the ATmega8/168) so that the Arduino software (must be > version 8, and the ATmega must have the 'new' bootloader that allows software reset) can reset the AVR micro.
    Unfortunately, as NickH pointed out, the DTR line is not brought out (HINT HINT Sparkfun...), so be CAREFUL when soldering to the DTR pin; try not to short other connections. It is kinda tricky to say the least; you're gonna need a steady hand and some serious skill to get that soldered (it took me like 5 tries!).
    Perhaps I should note this in the forums, because if someone comes across the same issue, it takes forever to figure out the solution; it took me for EVER to figure out why it wasn't working! After looking at FTDI USB-SERIAL datasheets, arduino schematics, forum topics and such, I finally got it lol.
    P.S. I did not need to bother with the VCIO jumper/solder short pad.

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