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  • We replace the wires on these batteries all of the time. First, remove the Kapton tape that is used to protect against shorts. Then carefully, with a fine tipped soldering iron remove the broken length of wire and re-tin the pad with a small blob of solder. Strip and tin the remaining wire (this assumes that the wire broke right at the battery) and then careful re-solder it to the tab. Wrap the end of the battery as it was before with Kapton tape or other insulating coating. We have performed this operation to every one of over 30 of these batteries that we have purchased from Sparkfun without a single "popped" battery. We replace the JST connector wire assembly with a male micro USB connector wire assembly. Then we goop the wire end of the battery with Hardman Double/Bubble A-85 Urethane for insulation and strain relief. after this fully cures we dip the whole thing in black Plasti Dip.

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