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  • Product COM-10636 | about 4 months ago

    When these are used with higher power devices, a heat sink is recommended. The hole size on the TO-220 sink ( looks compatible. Are there any problems using those, that I’m not seeing?

  • News - September Caption Contest | about 7 months ago

    So that is where you guys put the mice from Inventory. You do realize you can’t eat them, right?

  • News - September Caption Contest | about 7 months ago

    Jake tried for years to fit in, but his friends kept staring at him and asking, “Who?”

  • News - Enginursday: For those of… | about 8 months ago

    I use the command line for my development, and Aquamacs for my editor. I’ll second sgrace’s recommendation for MacPorts; it seems to have a larger collection than Homebrew. And XCode is a necessity (and an easy install) for any command line development (I don’t use the IDE, however).

    A while back, I wrote a blog post for PIC programming from the command line. I’ll shortly be posting a similar one for Arduino programming from the Mac OS command line.

    For PCB design, I’ve been using Eagle.

  • Product COM-00312 | about 9 months ago

    According to the datasheet, the “typical” Low-to-High transition takes 130 ns. H-to-L is typically 20 ns. Round up, call it 200 ns, and you can cycle these darlington pairs at about 5 MHz. If you’re doing PWM for LEDs, then you would typically use a mere 100 Hz.

  • Product SEN-10988 | about a year ago

    Yeah. I did the same thing. Thankfully, I disconnected it quickly enough; mine still works.

    The key is the datasheet is giving you a BOTTOM VIEW. I missed that part, and wrongfully assumed top view.

  • Product COM-10636 | about a year ago

    I’m also curious about that diode. Why is that in the sample circuit?

  • Product PRT-00643 | about 2 years ago

    That link to DigiKey refers to a Cat3 part, while SparkFun is Cat5 quality. Be sure to check, based upon your application.

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