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  • Alex fully realizes his doom, when the Redbot warriors of Ardooine track him down outside of Seattle.

  • These chips freakin' rock. I use them as the intermediary between any/all sensors and my upstream Arduino. They are low cost and can interface with almost everything.

  • Any human that isn’t a developing child, or an immune system deficient (elderly or other issues) can easily handle LEAD, MERCURY, and other poisons. Humans are way more resilient than you’d normally think. But only in the middle spectrum, not the ends of the age window.

  • I wanna hear what’s in those boxes!! Share the awesome!

  • In my .brd files, I put a piece of text down on the silkscreen with $Revision$ in it. Then I enable svn:keywords on that .brd file. Subversion will then insert the version control revision right onto my silkscreen. It is seriously handy…

    (I believe Git has a similar feature)

  • Note: those 5mm pitch screw terminals (for the load) max out at 14 gauge wires. My house is wired with standard 12 gauge romex. … So: confirm your wire gauge, if you’re wiring directly into your house.

  • When these are used with higher power devices, a heat sink is recommended. The hole size on the TO-220 sink ( looks compatible. Are there any problems using those, that I’m not seeing?

  • So that is where you guys put the mice from Inventory. You do realize you can’t eat them, right?

  • Jake tried for years to fit in, but his friends kept staring at him and asking, “Who?”

  • I use the command line for my development, and Aquamacs for my editor. I’ll second sgrace’s recommendation for MacPorts; it seems to have a larger collection than Homebrew. And XCode is a necessity (and an easy install) for any command line development (I don’t use the IDE, however).

    A while back, I wrote a blog post for PIC programming from the command line. I’ll shortly be posting a similar one for Arduino programming from the Mac OS command line.

    For PCB design, I’ve been using Eagle.

RJ45 Breakout (Complete)

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This list is a complete set of parts to build an RJ45 breakout b…