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  • Those are photos of the contraption i made for the GP2106 & all


    i get on the sdcard a confif.txt showing baudrate to be 9600. here .txt looks like : 9600,26,3,0,1,1 baud,escape,esc#,mode,verb,echo log21.txtlooks like : xÊÊÊxû‡xÊxxÜxfxûòÄxÊ~ûÜxxfx¯xxxÜx‡xx‡Ü‡Ü‡Ü‡Ü‡ÜxÜxx܇܇ÜÊò‡ÜxÜxÜÊò‡Ü‡ÜxxxxffxÄûòÄxÊ~ûò

    Sparkfun support suggeted i get conflictual baudrate between the gps and theOpenLog. Has you can see everythng is compact.

    can i change the baudrate of the evaluation board

  • Just finished assembling one for a cat tracker and went outside for a test drive (without a cat). All the leds were flashing and i was hopeful. Dont know what went wrong, got the config file on the sd card plus many log text files. two contains data but only with incompressible caracters like asian ones.

  • My dad also spent nigths and nights over assembling, soldering screwing, lamp mounting his Heatkit 40 watts amplifier. when he died gave it to my brotherinlaw, an electrical engineer. I'm in industrial engineering.

    It was still amplifying good clear stereophonic sound. I inherited of his violin.

    I was to young but to look at what he was making. Getting older i was acquinted with classial music. For me Heat was synonimous of quality. Jean Pierre eng.

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