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  • I built the Ice Cube clock, and took the project one step further by encasing the display tube in clear casting. Here's the project on

    The Russian display tube used in the Ice Cube Clock is no longer available and I'm wondering if the Nixie LED Clock display would have a good presentation encased in casting.

  • This device operates with an audio signal at 40KHz. That is within the hearing range of cats and dogs. I would never use this in a project that would operate in or around my home.

  • Very handy board, too good to be limited to MyoWare. Can be used for any kind of electronic DIY project.

  • These switching power supplies can create a lot of RF noise, and sometimes include a ferrite core imbedded in the cord to quiet the noise. I do not see an imbedded core here. Is there a core internally? If not, I would recommend to people that they attach a core to the cord to avoid electrical interference to other electronic devices:

  • Could a pair of these be used to make a remote connection for an I2C interface? I want to link a temperature sensor with an I2C interface to an Arduino.

  • The available data on this unit is very sparse. Checking the data sheet, there is no: -Schematic of the unit -Mention of what the screwdriver adjustment is for -Mention of how the linear output is derived from the digital signal. -What limits the data rate to 4800bps

  • What about this transmitter limits its data rate to 8KBpS? Is it something about the circuit, or a limit imposed to keep it legal? Unless something in the internal circuits limits to that data rate, the actual capability is possibly a lot higher, considering the xmit frequency.

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