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  • 5.8.

    That seems strange.

  • I still get nothing.

    Connecting the battery you recommended (7.4V Lithium battery), here are the readings from the multimeter:

    (set to DC 20)

    Voltage regulator to DC (-) = 6.5 DC (+) to DC (-) = 1.25

    (set to AC 200)

    The two holes for the AC out from the inverter: 0

    The "live" EL output: 0.

  • For anyone else reading this: don't forget that you need an AC/DC converter for the charger.

  • How do I connect the battery to my arduino? I plan on going with the 7.4 Lithium that you recommended.

    Do I need any voltage regulation or whatever?

  • It must be the battery.

    What do I do to get a stronger one running it? What are my battery-related options?

  • I switched the power source from USB to the 9V battery that I'll actually be using to power it. It has to be mobile. The readings have changed, but the wire still isn't lighting up.

    Multimeter set to DC 20:

    The rightmost voltage regulator pin -> negative DC hole reading is now 7.7

    DC (+) -> DC (-) is 1.25.

    Multimeter set to AC 200:

    There is now zero reading on the two AC FROM INVERTER holes, as well as the EL Wire holes. Is it possible that the inverter has been fried? How would I check that?

  • Powered over USB, and unplugging the inverter doesn't change the reading.

  • The multimeter reads 4.42.

  • Yes, the green Status light lights up.

    I'm using the Arduino Uno.

  • Ahem. I didn't realize that the tilde-close parens would be a problem for the comment system.

    I set it to 200 V= (solid over dots) and put the leads in the DC holes. It reads 1.2, which is less than 3.3.

    Using the same setting, I checked the AC holes again. It read 6.0. Hope that helps.

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