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  • Don’t do “AT+CFUN=1,1”. It will store the parameter “auto power save” into EEPROM followed by a lot of problems with serial communication. Instead use “AT+CFUN=0,1” (which will cancel the auto power save mode and reboot).

  • Hello Oliver, I hope that you solved your problem. If not, here’s the answer: After fiddling with the module for a while, I used “AT+CFUN=1,1” to reboot the module. That caused the module to enter the “auto power save” mode and store in EEPROM. So every few seconds, the module will sleep. It will be woken up by transfer on the serial port, but this causes some problems with timing etc so the next characters the module sends are garbage. To prevent the module from falling asleep, send it a couple of “AT+CFUN=0,1” until it says “OK”. That did my trick.


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