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  • DigiFlex: A small band (3/4" x 3") with a minimal controller (attiny85) + minimal power regulation. It would have a "usb" interface at one end (think digispark, but out of flex PCB) so that it could be jammed directly into a USB port for programming. At the other end would be some sort of simple flex connector so that "shields" could be added. Presumably these shields would pass thru the pins not used. An assortment of add-on "shields" would be available, e.g. neopixels, battery (coin or lipo), sensors, small actuators (piezo buzzer). Even cooler would be an antenna + rf shield for proximity sensors of various sorts.

    The beauty of such a solution is that many of the below ideas could be implemented with these base components. For myself, I see a number of applications where such a band could be added under the hat band of a baseball cap, e.g. to monitor for concussions, overheating, proximity to other players or the edge of the playing field (virtual warning track). With wireless, you could allow a coach to call pitches / plays directly with the buzzer, ...

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