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  • You should point out that this unit does NOT come with the AC input cord. Would have been nice to know while I was at the hardware store before my order arrived.

  • What is pictured is not what I received; NO CONTACTS.

  • Dimensions? Gate width is one thing, but height would be very useful too. None of the documents seem to include this little detail.

  • That would be very good if you can do that. If you've got 250+ of the blue ones (haven't checked the red ones today), there's got to be some demand for the breakout boards. Maybe that will help you sell off the remaining bargraphs quicker? I'd even consider getting some of the encoders and knobs to go with the bargraphs. ^_^

  • I feel like I've been cheated. I bought two of these in blue and two in red in January, and didn't discover until they arrived that they have a completely useless pinout if you're restricted to 0.1" grids... and this weekend I learned that the breakout boards are discontinued. I don't have the facilities to use the Eagle files or anything else to have custom PC boards made, so I've got $40 worth of hardware I cannot use.

    Why on earth would you continue selling these without putting on the description above BREAKOUT BOARD NO LONGER AVAILABLE?

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