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  • I am using PWM signals to control the servo (the servo will have different angles depending on the values Im getting from the MPU). But I believe that whatever I do to delay the code, I will still overflow the FIFO.

    The problem is that I cannot afford less readings from the MPU, I must have constant readings all the time.

    All help is appreciated to get me through this! Cheers

  • Thanks for your answer. Ive have done nearly the same as you to calibrate the values, but it still wasnt perfect but I didnt think of the kalman filter, so Ill try to conclude it as well, so thank you!

    Im still stuck with the next part, the part where I get fifooverflow and some strange values when I try to control a servo. It must be colliding with the interrupt I believe. Any conclusion?


  • Hello,

    Ive owned this sensor for like 2-3 months now, but I dont really manage things to work out that fine. Ive used the "sketch for MPU6050 class using DMP (MotionApps v2.0)" and Ive been focusing on the yaw/pitch/roll values.


    • I have to wait for like 1 minute until all values are steady (one of em goes from like 1 degree to 16 degrees).

    • If I try to make a servo dependent on the values I get fifooverflow and the values either gets screwd up or everything freezes.

    I hope some1 could help me, and trust me Ive been searching for a solution for a long time without success.


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