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I only created a Profile to comment on the Monkey and Banana Picture Caption Contest...

  • I think you are right in that everyone is wrong including you and probably me. I think it uses a very sophisticated facial recognition. Every coin has a face and then it can tell whose face it is looking at and thus tell what coin it is. Plus this takes care of the counterfeit problem because not all countries have the same faces on their coins and it would be hard to make the same funny face unless you are very skilled.

    Just my Two cents. I hope this thing is programmed to accept them...

  • I just finished modeling this box from the Drawings found here and measuring the actual box I have in hand. The STL are on thingiverse here:

    Some dims, where estimated but the most important ones such as hole placements, post heights, etc are from the drawing.

  • " I hatched with with my Arduino controller incubator and now it thinks I'm the mama... and to be honest I am kinda attached to this little ugly duckling, do you see the resemblance?"

  • Saved carts for 14 days??? No good for business if that saved cart is reserving stock. I have items in wish lists for that purpose. So that when I am ready to buy it, if it is available then I will add it all to the cart.

  • Have you bought concert or show tix from TM lately? They have this all worked out. There is a solution already, the question is whether SF is willing/able to pay for the solution.... And the answer to that is 42...

  • I just received this kit and I'm a little puzzled. In the product video that I had seen it showed a little usb to serial board to program the screen. Is it , or is it not required (it wasn't included in the kit) for programming when using the screen with arduino?

    I'm running late to a class otherwise I would try to find the answer myself, so hopefully I get useful responses....

  • How do I use this on a Halloween themed New Product Friday??? HMMM, this would make a cool light saber to go with my Jedi custom... Bingo!!!

  • OK, I'll take your word for it but it was still painful to see the pieces fly apart.

  • Why???

    Why did you have to do that to the multimeter????

    Send it over I'll patch it up and give it a good home.

  • He cooked the wire... He abused the material... Would get very little lifetime out of it that way. SMA technology is maturing but it is still a very tricky material to use correctly.

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