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Adam Byram

Member Since: September 15, 2012

Country: United States

  • I’m really happy with the contents of my Dumpster Dive box. I got: Assorted 30A rocker switches Baggie of big variable resistors w/ nuts for mounting 3 Olimex dev boards (LPC-H2103, LPC2106-MT, and LPC-P212X) Early/prototype SparkFun LED Matrix w/ backpack XBee Pro S1 Older model Arduino Uno i-Racer (w/ charging cable, stickers, and instruction disk)

    I haven’t tested everything, but the Uno seems to work just fine and the i-Racer works great (it does have the charging issue people report in the comments on the i-Racer SparkFun page, but “jumping” the battery fixes it right up).

    Overall, I couldn’t be happier with this grab bag of goodies. Thanks SparkFun!

  • I got an exception too. I didn’t realize it was 1 per customer (a friend wanted one too and I just ordered as fast as possible) so I wonder if that is what caused it.

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