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  • News - July Caption Contest | about 10 months ago

    … you’re probably wondering why there’s dried blood on this spear? Simple. I DON’T WANT NO STINKING SOLDER BRIDGES.

  • News - According to Pete - Revis… | about a year ago

    FYI - If you want to check for older episodes, do a search for “According to Pete” in NEWS.

  • Product TOL-09544 | about a year ago

    Just got my Sparkfun Bus Pirates and you might want to check the output caps for the Micrel LDOs for NON Low-ESR, I was running a HOPE RF module and noticed that the switched 3.3V was giving ~0.2V P-P of ramp noise. Added a 10uF Electrolytic across the output cap (as suggested here and Voila!, ramp gone. The device datasheet has more explanations for this requirement.

  • News - According to Pete: April … | about 2 years ago

    Man, you guys are getting awesome with the editing, lighting and the comic flow of these videos! Good going!

  • Product WRL-10253 | about 2 years ago

    I’m puzzled as well. On the Roving Networks site it says that the unit “Supports Bluetooth data link to iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch”, but the UM doesn’t make any reference to that.

    In my case i’d like to be able to use the RN42 to tether with an iPhone so my device can access the internet.

  • Product CEL-09270 | about 2 years ago

    Check out this instructable:

    It has Python:

  • News - According to Pete | about 2 years ago

    I’m guessing he’s using a softbox …. but ya, the lighting is the first thing that impressed me.

  • News - According to Pete | about 2 years ago

    Wow, don’t know if it’s been said but the quality of the video and the editing gets a thumb waaaay up! What camera you using and which editing software?

  • Product PRT-10161 | about 3 years ago

    Actually I’m also confused why the SYS connectors exists. The charger CAN’T charge and power the project simultaneously because it needs to be able to either charge in either CC or CV and this depends on the parameters of the battery. The correct way to load share is to sense when Vusb is connected and trigger a FET to disconnect the battery (to allow it to charge alone) and to power the project thru Vusb.
    See App Note AN1149 from Microchip for details.

  • Product WRL-08840 | about 3 years ago

    Ordered 4 of these items and disappointed with the low success rate in communicating even when side-by-side. I finally switched to XBee and now it’s all good.

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