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  • Agreed! I have been working over a month now to get this shield working with the library examples and it's still not working. HATE IT!

  • Hi People I've been googling the whole day find any piece of code that can used for writing data on a USB flashdrive connected to the host shield. I've got the 2.0 library working but there aren't any examples of writing to a USB drive connected to the host shield

    I'm surprised I coudn't find any code. Has anyone managed to do this?

  • Hi One quick question, I use the Freetronics Ethernet shield and most examples with from the Ethernet library seem to work just fine. (

    I've only tested this while the UNO board is attached to the Ethernet Shield. NOT WHILE BOTH host shield and Ethernet Shield are stacked on top of one another. So in this case do you think I will still need to attach a 9V battery source?

  • Check the instructions I posted above from the link,73735.15.html

    Basically connect the host shield to the arduino uno. Then get a jumper wire and connect Digital 7 to Reset pin

  • Also note: For the instructions I've pasted above. My optical mouse from UNI did not work. Not sure (I think its maybe because it required 1.1A current or maybe because its quite old) But when I tested it from a simple USB flashdrive. It worked like a charm. So please do keep this in mind.

    Regards Varun

  • Hi I don't know how to connect with the ethernet shield but here are the instructions for the version 2 pin configuration. Credit goes to Stanley from,73735.15.html

    I will try to make it as easy as possible , so hope u understand my simple instructions..

    I would assume you know how to operate the Arduino IDE s/w and know how to upload the arduino sketches into the Uno..

    If you do not know these knowledge, I suggest you google or read up some documentations on first..

    Here are the simple steps :-

    1. Download the host shield 2.0 library, unzip and install into Arduino

    2. Goto Menu : Files -> Examples -> USB_Host_ShieldV2 and select board_qc

    3. Compile and upload the sketches into Arduino UNO

    4. Plug Usb host shield on top of Uno AND take a jumper wire to connect Digital Pin 7 to RESET pin across the Uno board beside 3.3V pin

    5. Click on the Serial Monitor button and set speed to 115200

    6. You should see something like below

    7. Insert a USB device and let it detect it automatically..

    8. If it passed, you have got the USB host shield v2.0 working...

    Circuits At Home 2011 USB Host Shield Quality Control Routine Reading REVISION register... Die revision 03 SPI long test. Transfers 1MB of data. Each dot is 64K.. Circuits At Home 2011 USB Host Shield Quality Control Routine Reading REVISION register... Die revision 03 SPI long test. Transfers 1MB of data. Each dot is 64K................ SPI long test passed GPIO test. Connect GPIN0 to GPOUT7, GPIN1 to GPOUT6, and so on Test failed. Value written: 00 Value read: FF Press any key to continue... GPIO test passed. PLL test. 100 chip resets will be performed Resetting oscillator

    Reset complete. Waiting for the first SOF... Getting device descriptor Descriptor Length: 12 Descriptor type: 01 USB version: 0200 Device class: 00 Device Subclass: 00 Device Protocol: 00 Max.packet size: 08 Vendor ID: 0403 Product ID: 6001 Revision ID: 0600 Mfg.string index: 01 Prod.string index: 02 Serial number index: 03 Number of conf.: 01

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