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  • What I really want is a BLE module I can do my own profile with (or at least the standard profiles). I want it to be able to talk ‘standards’ to devices, not just a vendor proprietary way. This one appears to only do its own profile from my casual reading of it. Assuming that’s true (please tell if I’m wrong here!), is there any chance of a most flexible module down the road that isn’t a disaster to work with?

  • The App Note link is dead.

  • The huge majority of devices I use have no FTDI on board (Arduino Pro’s typically). Although I see that spark fun cannot just change all their devices, if they offered a USB2Serial in 5V and 3.3V that was OS X and Linux compatible and used non-FTDI chips, I’d happily toss my current FTDI adapters (I’ll even mail them to FTDI as a demonstration….) and purchase and use that instead. I’m almost included to go buy a couple of clones just to be contrary, but my mom always said two wrongs don’t make a right. As tempting it might be.

  • Bah, now I know where the HTU21D Humidity Sensor Breakouts (which does not have an analog output…) I wanted to buy on my last order went.

  • Well, this is damn near perfect. Accurate digital humidity at 3.3v (most are analog, and many are 5V) and very accurate temperature. Exactly what I have been waiting for!

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