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  • The App Note link is dead.

  • The huge majority of devices I use have no FTDI on board (Arduino Pro’s typically). Although I see that spark fun cannot just change all their devices, if they offered a USB2Serial in 5V and 3.3V that was OS X and Linux compatible and used non-FTDI chips, I’d happily toss my current FTDI adapters (I’ll even mail them to FTDI as a demonstration….) and purchase and use that instead. I’m almost included to go buy a couple of clones just to be contrary, but my mom always said two wrongs don’t make a right. As tempting it might be.

  • Bah, now I know where the HTU21D Humidity Sensor Breakouts (which does not have an analog output…) I wanted to buy on my last order went.

  • Well, this is damn near perfect. Accurate digital humidity at 3.3v (most are analog, and many are 5V) and very accurate temperature. Exactly what I have been waiting for!

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