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  • Do they have these with 3v logic level?

  • I want to drive 4 of these stepper motors ( ) all in sync, but 750mA with this easy stepper isn't going to do it. What would be the best approach? Use 2 easy stepper boards each controlling 2 motors? Or is there a better driver board to use that can control all 4 of them?

  • Those opposed to ACA often wave the flag, proclaim themselves protectors of the constitution... until they don't get their way. The ACA has passed all constitutional barriers - passed both houses, withstood supreme court review, and withstood over 40 attempts to repeal it. Now all that's left is to overcome this UNconstitutional abuse of power by a small group of political terrorists (I use that term as it best accurately applies to those who use underhanded tactics, harm innocent americans, and damage our economy).

    What SparkFun is doing for furloughed workers is fantastic. It's disgraceful that such a gesture has to withstand criticism from those who, like a certain political party, don't get everything they want - which, in this case, is apparently a tech company without a conscience.

  • I think my power supply stick is defective. I've tried many different power supplies an the second set of output pins. I've managed to use an arduino to step down the voltage into the Raspberry and it works fine. It just will not work through the power supply stick.

  • Why is this not working to power my Raspberry Pi (without peripherals)? I'm inputing 12V, 1A, and the RPi power lights come on, and go off, then on.... but it never fully starts up. When I plug a 5V adapter directly into the pi, it works fine. What's going on??


  • I have no idea what I'm doing wrong, but my servo won't move with less than 12V at 300mA from a wall wart. I've tried all sorts of sketches, including this one, but no changes to the variables make the servo stop or slow down. What's going on???

    I have the power connected to the power rail of my breadboard, ground from arduino to the ground on the power rail, and the servo connected to the power rail with the white pin in arduino pin 9.


    Servo myservo;

    void setup() { Serial.begin(9600);


    void loop() {

    Serial.println("1500     ");  

    myservo.writeMicroseconds(1500); delay(5000);

      Serial.println("4500     ");  

    myservo.writeMicroseconds(4500); delay(5000);

      Serial.println("7000     ");  

    myservo.writeMicroseconds(7000); delay(5000); }

  • I just purchased 2 of these for a project, but don't know what the pins are and unfortunately don't understand the diminutional drawing. Can someone list or diagram them?