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An old EE who went CS and discovered Arduino and other goodness. It's fun to think tinker and improve the world.

  • You know you're a maker when: - you See Ikea as a parts supplier. - Craft sores like Michaels, Total Crafts, and Jo-Anne's are also parts suppliers. - Only doctor's offices cannot provide you with supplies and ideas... ;) ;)

  • So Excellent. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who likes SparkFun and research into paranormal science. Your use of capacitance to monitor electric field variance is genius. Go DarkSaint!

    I'm monitoring crystal oscillator co variance to look for Hoagland's hyperdimensional energy.
    Thank you Sparkfun for making clock modules with tuning fork crystals. Arduino Pro Minis make it easy. Yay Sparkfun!

  • This is a useful little board. Just remember to correctly scale the output and give the device time to take proper readings. then you get data you can use to match light sources and seek after desired colors...

  • I built the retail version of this kit to get my soldering hand back in. I hadn't touched a soldering iron in about ten years and thought I could use the practice. It went together easily thanks to the great instructions.
    This thing is bright!! That makes it useful as a teaching aid and fun way to test color blending algorithms.
    Thanks for the fine craftsmanship. Five stars. recommended.

  • I'm sufficiently handy with most things wood and electrical that I find myself wanting to create my own very custom tables, lighting systems, rolley things, shelving arrangements ( Ikea Ivar really helps here ).

    Thanks in part to Sparkfun, My wife grudgingly let me buy a Printrbot simple metal. I quickly discovered that the stool with a board on it just would not do. So... There was the Ivar shelf with white painted shelf bottoms with the special holes on the top for filament and power. Then there was the trip to Home Depot to grab casters, plywood, T braces, screws, power strips. then back to Ikea for clip lights and I already had the Dioder multi color strips. Then there needs to be the bigger power supply for the heated bed. Horray for the PC graveyard! That couldn't be left dangling...So back to Home Depot for angle braces and bumpers... To make a longer story short, several hundred extra dollars later, my printer resides on a rolling stand that includes a low friction filament delivery system using Sparkfun bearings with a PVC pipe Now I'm looking into enclosure technology because I might do better exotic prints with it.... then there is the pile of parts that will become additional telemetry on the printer and its environemt... Oh what fun and learning on the way... I do deep rabbit holes. And so it goes...

  • This is well made precision tool. the action is smooth. they do their job very well, even at the smaller wire sizes. Definitely worth the investment.

  • WinSparkium LeviRobo

  • I have grown to appreciate this little board for its size and capacity. The ability to strap on sensors and then I2C them back for post processing or data collection is making my current and planned projects more economical and tractable. Nice one Sparkfun!

  • Would you like that to go?

  • This is a nice kit. the instructions are good. the board is solid. It works as advertised. However, I made a boo boo. I went and put a wrong cap around the crystal. so it stops oscillating after a bit. It works fine until the clock stops though. I'm going to fix the error when the parts I ordered come in. The numbers on the disc capacitors are insanely tiny. May I suggest that you mark or bag the 22pf caps so they are easier to sort from the .1mf ones. thanks much for great fun stuff, tap

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