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  • "A prerequisite for working in Production is killing a bear. Those of you with the Dragon Punch Merit Badge will have an advantage."

  • It hurts a bit to be a loyal customer since forever - since SparkFun was a wee little guy - and be torn between wanting to stay silent and wanting to say your comment stings a bit.

    My state's health exchange estimates my premium will go up 40% and have a higher deductible. To say you think ACA is a fine thing, that's a bit harsh and insensitive to those of us that it hurts pretty badly.

    It hurts worse because it's an organization that I respect, that chose to inject a toxic topic into an otherwise pleasant atmosphere, where many of us go to forget about our worries. I don't want to talk or think about these things that keep me up at night - I want to talk about innovation, electronics, etc., and escape the mucky muck mess for a while. You're the Cheers pub of the Internet - don't screw it up!

    I do appreciate the nice gesture to government workers, though. I think it's a great idea.

  • Also useful in case anyone talks to your guy wrong...


  • I was quite hoping Hyperloop would come up during the conversation, especially during the "teleportation" comments.

    The closest thing to teleportation on the horizon looks like it will be open sourced, will compete in the marketplace for 1/10th the cost of the closed source alternative, and Congress should do what they can to ensure that open source licenses and open source business models for companies that OPT to choose this model can do so without undue worry about the legal environment they operate under.

    Most of the congressmen and congresswomen missed the salient point - it's not about forcing companies or inventors to go open source. It's about creating a harmonious business and legal environment that allows innovative new business models to work in peace with existing models. This lowers the cost of legal entanglements, and increases the investment in innovation - Nate's case was strong on that point.

  • Thanks, Nate! Your work as an engineer, entrepreneur and political operative is very impressive and inspiring.

    Thanks in particular for standing up for the little guys like us that work hard to come up with the next greatest thing, but are under a constant cloud of fear that anything we do could be taken away in the blink of an eye by patent trolls or corporations for whom the system benefits.

  • Will this sensor work with water-based household paint?

  • Hrmm ... not meaning to be argumentative, but am I the only that doesn't get including the A in STEAM? I love the arts - but don't get/appreciate the connection.

    People are just barely starting to latch onto STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in educational funding circles. No need to confuse them, IMHO.

    Don't call me a hater, I just see a need for clarity here instead of a latching onto/stealing from another very important but clear movement. Why not just make it STEEAMPH (Science Technology Engineering English Arts Math P.E. & History) and include everybody?

  • What is the operational temperature range of this tag?

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