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  • Will you be able to broadcast this on Justin.tv or Ustream for those of us who live far away?

    "I don't normally watch sports, but when I do, I watch the Sparkfun AVC" -- I want to be able to say that

  • Fantastic! It appears from your example link that this uses the same controller as the Nokia 3310 that I've already used in past projects. The only thing that made it so cumbersome was trying to connect to its fine pitch press on type connector. This gives me a great low cost display option that is easy to connect to.
    If anyone doesn't have experience with this LCD, take a peak at the Arduino example link above to see just how easy it is to use. If you use plain C on your AVRs, I have sample code on http://tinkerish.com.
    Great job sparkfun!

  • What is the difference between this product and the one you already had?

  • I want one (as a novelty). If you decide to sell them, I'll add one to my next order :-)

  • For the next version, it would be cool if there was a switch on the board to ground PS_ON.

  • There are 2 SD sockets that Sparkfun sells: PRD-00127 and PRT-09545 (this one). There is also a part in the eagle library. Which one of these (if either) matches up with the one in the current eagle library?
    Back in March '09, I ordered a board with the eagle part that was current at that time. It was thought to match PRD-00127. Unfortunately, the part changed but the part number did not change. When I got the parts from Sparkfun, they did not match my board with the part from the eagle library. Sparkfun said their supplier changed the part on them. I'm hoping this one (being called style 2) is the old style they used to sell. If so, it would match the part that is probably still in the eagle library and my old boards. For now, I found a completely different socket from another shop that matches up with the PCB layout enough to solder to.
    The pictures on this product do not match the eagle part library (the last time that I checked it in March). There is a note here that says that the pictures are of the other product, PRD-00127 style 1. Perhaps this part, style 2, matches the eagle library. If so, it would be easier to solder to since the pins are in the back. Can we get some pictures of this part (style 2) so that we can see if it matches what is in the eagle library?
    Sparkfun: 4UCONN told me back in the day that their part that matched what was in the library was part number 19354. Is that what this is?

  • Oops, I forgot that Arduino bootloader lets you program over the serial USB. My bad. I'm used to barebones AVR not Arduino.

  • Shouldn't this include a programmer like the pocket programmer:

  • How great is this? Exactly what I've been wanting.

  • What about efficiency? If this is providing 100mA @3.3v out, how much current is it sucking from a 1.2v AA battery?

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