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  • I just bought the 5V version. I previously used the Uno R3 to get up and started, but now I’ve upgraded to the 5V version because I want to use the Bluetooth Mate. However, I’m still a little newbie at hooking up the power for the device to work standalone. i.e. not using the ftdi usb cable. I found lots of tutorials but they all use a breadboard or ftdi cable. I need to know how to connect a battery. I know I need at least 5V to drive the Bluetooth Mate and a Sharp Distance Sensor, so I’d like to use either 2 AA batteries or 1 9V battery. What connectors should I buy to do either or both? I think the 9V would be great so it doesn’t drain too quickly, but I believe I must connect to VCC for that to be regulated?

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