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  • hello, general comment, people from all over the world order on this site, is this possible to have the specs in METRICS as well as whatever weird fantasy system you like to use over there, I can bear converting inches and feets to cm and meter but I’m having a bit more of a problem with whatever “oz-in” is and this is freaking annoying. (specially when you mix it up a bit with things like “Shaft Size: 6mm Diameter x 0.715” Length” ) thanks.

  • Intersting board is there a way to communicate with the I/O using pureData with the “serial” object like you would with an arduino plugged into usb? or is it a totaly different method

  • Quick question: I tried using this to drive a 0,5A/12V motor in PWM from a arduino, and switched the frequency to 62kHz to avoid audible noise in the motor. It works quite as expected, but I red there could be heat problem at higher frequencies, should it be a worry at 0,5A? (I don’t use a mosfet driver, gate is behind a 10k resistor).

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