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  • The use of floating point numbers for the calculation of the on-screen values does not imply that they are used for ALL calculations.

    It's a good thing that multi-million dollar operations like sparkfun have someone like you who are able to point out the basic flaws in their accounting system without even looking at it.

  • The "Detailed Technical Specifications" neglect to mention such "esoteric" parameters as: size, weight, processing capabilities

    Must the "limited edition" owners endure stinking bits of dead cow or are there alternatives?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

  • These are lovely but I find that the adhesive fails. Maybe you can get ones with a screw mount?

  • I won't name names but with a simple web search you can find a competing product that does break out all five pins

  • If this is really what you want then you should look on ebay where you can find what you want for less money than this.

    However I think it's very fortunate that this board doesn't have any extraneous parts and that is why I am purchasing this product.

  • Stray solder balls? Sure I can clean them up with my soldering iron, but for this price we should get some sort of quality control.

  • Those cheap 8-pin sockets are not rated for all that many insertion cycles, why not use something better?

  • If you install the DC power jack, the FTDI Basic Breakout will not fit, unless you extend the pins with an Arduino stackable header.

    This is not just for the "pro", it's also great for the "duffer" who doesn't want to be bothered with level shifters.

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