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  • russosv: Baloney. Try getting an FT232RL IC off of eBay. This site sells them lower than any other site on the web INCLUDING eBay. Maybe if you are buying LEDs or pin headers, but you definitely cant get everything cheaper on eBay.
    Sorry to pop your bubble, mate.

  • Was really disappointed in the whole affair. Granted, yes, it's free stuff, can't really complain too much; it's not like they HAD to do it. I had an order ready to place this morning while I was in class (the wife sent it in for me), and she got to the page saying I qualified for the freeday promotion, and then most of the time it would just time out. The only time it DID go any further, it returned a blank page.
    An idea for next time? (if you ever do this again) Have a special off-site page, where the first 1000 people to login with SparkFun user names get a $100 discount code for use at checkout. A unique, one-time use number, usable on any order, say, from 24-72 hours later ONLY. That lessens the loading on the server for anyone who is willing to PAY for orders, and it also helps to reduce overall delays and traffic issues.
    Not having gotten the $100 just means it's going to be quite some time before I can afford to start on any of the exotic projects I had in mind. Congratulations to those who DID get through...anyone who is planning to resell their free stuff to make a quick buck? You're a loser.

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