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  • I had an RFID tag implanted in my hand, I use to use it to start my old motorbike, I also use it for access control to my home as well as an automated electric side gate. Future projects include my hilux, however it is difficult and somewhat dangerous project so that might be a little further down the track.

  • I have a different one, the one I had implanted is a HiTagS 2048 it has a EM4100 compatibility mode and is also read/write so I can change the code. My one also has a encryption function as well in case I decide to implement it at some stage.

  • I liked the idea soo much I decided to make my own reverse geocache!

  • holy crap you serious??? I would never have dreamed about purchasing Nitric acid in Australia... You can't even buy acetone these days let alone nitric acid! :)

  • They look pretty good and the needle is nice and responsive too which definately makes it worthwhile... The project isn't as cheated as it could be.... if it were me I would have created a look up table for the meter outline as well... but where is the fun in that right?

  • Nice tutorial and its amazing to see what went on behind the scenes during free day. very interesting....
    Does it drive anyone else in here nuts when someone says sodder instead of solder? I'm from Australia and I've never heard the term sodder until I got into electronics and started watching videos on youtube...
    No offence btw... I love you guys.....

  • Yeh it's pretty pathetic people wanting to resell their gift for a minor amount of profit... But you get that with alot of people. It is too bad that there was people who really needed the gear but didn't get an order.
    Even though sparkfun dismissed the idea of allowing only previous buyers to participate I think it would have helped people to get parts for their underfunded projects, on the other hand it would have reduced the awareness of the site and what it is about.
    I commend you on your efforts Sparkfun, you don't see too many companies doing this kind of thing.

  • Not trying to prevent sparkfun sales or anything... but If I were you I would just buy an appropriately sized battery from a RC shop such as hobbycity.. you can buy a 3s pack 5Ah for dirt cheap and you can charge it just using a cheap lipo charger.. no need to disconnect batteries or do anything dodgy.

  • Hi guys,
    Just wondering, the sample image on this page is 600x600 pixels is this an actual image taken from the camera or just a similar image? The resolution should be 640x480 I am guessing....

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