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  • Product KIT-09563 | about 2 years ago

    First for the complaint, I have to say that the plain candle was not so exciting. Second for a Great! I took the plain LEDs and replaced them, with 0805 SMT LEDs in red, amber and yellow (630, 610 and 590 nm wavelengths, 10 - 20 ma rating) soldered on 32 gauge wire about 2 feet long. Caution, green LEDs can be a problem for 3 volts, blue is out of the question. I only go up to yellow green (574nm) but red yellow amber works out better visually too. Now I have a cloud of lights (well, 9 anyway), each light the size of a grain of rice! My wife loves it. I had to make another for her. Soldering SMT on magnet wire can be tricky. Tin the wire first. I use clear nail polish on the LEDs to make sure it does not short out in case it some in contact with metal. Batteries (fresh AAs) last over a week. In this case the random light changes makes for a better effect.

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