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  • The other reason for the purple LED to be dim is that the eye sensitivity peaks in green, and is less sensitive to shorter wavelengths (blue and purple) andalso less sensitive to longer wavelengths orange and red (although Red and orange LEDs are more efficient, so they do give out a lot of light)

  • First for the complaint, I have to say that the plain candle was not so exciting. Second for a Great! I took the plain LEDs and replaced them, with 0805 SMT LEDs in red, amber and yellow (630, 610 and 590 nm wavelengths, 10 - 20 ma rating) soldered on 32 gauge wire about 2 feet long. Caution, green LEDs can be a problem for 3 volts, blue is out of the question. I only go up to yellow green (574nm) but red yellow amber works out better visually too. Now I have a cloud of lights (well, 9 anyway), each light the size of a grain of rice! My wife loves it. I had to make another for her. Soldering SMT on magnet wire can be tricky. Tin the wire first. I use clear nail polish on the LEDs to make sure it does not short out in case it some in contact with metal. Batteries (fresh AAs) last over a week. In this case the random light changes makes for a better effect.

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